Red tabby and white MiniPer.
Purring Angels Cattery
This little boy is a Non Standard (long legged)
Napoleon. His legs are not very long
though but rather medium short. I had a hard
time deciding whether he was a Standard or
not. He is long haired and is mostly orange on
top with white tummy and paws. He has cute
little stripes on his tail and legs. He is only a
couple of weeks old now and his eyes have
just opened on these pictures. He has the
sweetest Doll face with pretty tabby markings.

He is available for $1000.

More photos are coming up soon. Please, click
on the picture for larger image.

contact us for more info.
He is about 3 weeks old on the
pictures below.
This little baby is very playful and curious. He has just learned how to
walk and is now trying to run and climb. He seems to have a more
outgoing personality of all his siblings. And he is the first one who
learned to purr when I pet him. Very sweet little guy he follows me around
the room like a little duckling. A tiny baby himself he is trying to take care
of Lilly's newborn babies cleaning them and keeping them warm. What a
great little helper!
This little boy has been