White and Red MiniPaw.
Purring Angels Cattery
This cutie is a boy. He is a Standard (short
legged) Teacup
Napoleon. He is long haired
bi-color white with orange spots. He is a Doll
face like his mommy. The little funny dark spot
on his nose is starting to disappear. This kitten
is a little smaller than his brother and a little
shorter too.

He is available for $1200.

More photos are coming up soon. Please, click
on the picture for larger image.

contact us for more info.
He is about 3 weeks old on the pictures below.
He is getting cuter by day. 3 1/2 weeks old
now he is learning to play and run. Still very
clumsy but so adorable. He already likes to
get his tiny belly rubbed and flips
upside-down eagerly. He will be a very
gentle and loving little kitty.
And the dark spot on his nose is now gone.