Black MiniPaw Boy.
Purring Angels Cattery
This tiny kitty is a Standard (short legged)
Napoleon. He was born on April 27th
of 2009. All black with a slight brownish tint he
has the sweetest round Doll face and big
pretty eyes. He is the smallest of his litter with
very short legs.

He is available for $1200.
Price reduced to $500 pet/$1000 breeder.

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Getting a little bigger on the pictures below. He is just the cutest tiniest bear.
Very calm and sweet with huge pretty eyes. This baby is such a little love bug.
gorgeous silky long black coat and smoky undercoat, very short legs, big golden eyes and a
mellow purry personality. He is very sweet and very friendly with both people and other pets. He
is a Toy size chubby kitty and weighs 6.5 pounds at the age of  8.5 months.