Lilac MiniPer Girl.
Purring Angels Cattery
This little princess has an amazing rare and
beautiful color. So far she looks like a solid
Lilac but it seems like she may end up having
a darker (chocolate may be) color point on her
face and paws. We'll have to wait and see. her
sweet Doll face and long fluffy coat. She is a
Non Standard (long legged) Teacup Napoleon
though her legs are not quite as long as
normal but rather medium short.

She is available for $1200.

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information. Please, click on the picture for
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She is becoming so very pretty. I just love her round Persian doll face with the cutest chocolate point on her nose.
Her coloring is beyond words, such a yummy kitty. And her personality is starting to develop. She is curious, purry
and cuddly. She flips over eagerly asking to get her tummy rubbed and she gives kisses. Below are her recent
pictures at about 3 weeks of age.