Lambkins - Cute with softly curled coats, Lambkins were developed through the
outcross breeding of two naturally occurring "mutation cats" (cats whose genetic make
up contains a mutated gene) one being a dwarf cat, the
Munchkin, and the other a
non-dwarf cat, the Selkirk Rex.
Having seen the appearance of the two cats that make up the Lambkin, you can
understand that the Lambkin is a cat of short stature and curly coated.
The breed is able to be developed because of the dominant mutant gene that exists in
both breed parents. This means that both parents pass on their mutant gene to the
offspring but not all the offspring.
The Lambkin Dwarf Cat is registered with The International Cat Association (TICA) and
The Dwarf Cat Association (TDCA). Breeders are seeking registration with the CFA as
well. This cat breed has been known as the Nanus Rex. Nanus means dwarf apparently.
The cat is better known as a Lambkin, however, their breeders have decided they will be
called Lambkins because of their appearance resembling "baby lambs".
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Lambkin's and Selkirk's Curly coats.
Selkirk Rex and Lambkin standard (those that have the curly gen) kittens are cute, curly furballs at birth, but
at around 16 weeks their hair suddenly straightens out. Some kittens may even loose their entire coat for a
little while. Selkirks continue to have bad hair days until eight to ten months of age, when they slowly
acquire their curls again. The coat’s curliness increases until the cat is about two years old. Climate,
season and (particularly in females) hormones can also influence the coat’s curliness.
There are both short hair and long hair divisions within the breed with slight differences.   
The short hair is medium in length and arranged in loose, individual curls.  The long hair version has long,
wavy hair that is longer than a Maine Coon’s though not quite as long as a Persians.  Grooming the long
hair isn’t difficult, since the coat lacks the light, fly away fur that causes matting.
Whether your Lambkin kitten has a curly coat and short legs or not it will still have the great
lovable personality that combines the best qualities of both, the
Munchkin and the Selkirk Rex

Personality of Selkirk Rex.
Not only are Selkirks cute and cuddly, they are wonderful, loving companions as well. Owners say that
Selkirks are sweet, playful cats who love to be loved. Fanciers often say they are the most affectionate cats
they’ve ever had. They don’t demand attention, but they seek it from their human families and love to
receive it.
Very people-oriented and gentle, Selkirks usually love everyone in the family, making them good family
pets. Selkirks generally fit in well with other cats and cat-friendly dogs, as long as the proper introductions
are made.
Selkirks are known for their mellow, tolerant personalities. They tend to take life as it comes and are
easygoing, adaptable and patient—courtesy of the British Shorthair and Persian influences. Ever-present
companions, they enjoy being held and cuddled, and like to curl up in any available lap. Some even want to
ride on their owners’ shoulders to get a cat’s eye view of the action.
However, they aren’t couch potatoes or furry door stops, and breeders say they have inherited the best
personality traits of all the breeds that have contributed to the bloodlines. They are intelligent, clever and
entertaining, and particularly enjoy games in which their owners take an active role. They are not
destructive or mischievous; curls just wanna have fun.