This page will tell you a little bit about Munchkins.

Where did they come from?
Well they where first discovered in the USA in 1982 by a lady named,Sandra Hochenedal
who then lived in Louisiana. She found a very short legged & very pregnant black female
who was named Blackberry.
When Sandra found Blackberry she was living under an old abandoned pickup truck.
She took Blackberry home where she later had her kittens & passed her trait on to
about half of her kittens.
But Blackberry wasn't the first short legged cat ever found.
Cats with short legs were known in England as far back as the 1930's & 4 generations
were described in Veterinary Records in 1944.They were known as Kangaroo Cats
because they are well known for sitting up on their hind legs & using their front paws to bat & grab.
This line disappeared during World War II. A Munchkin cat was later seen in Stalingrad in the Soviet Union in
1953, but it is unknown what happened to this cat.
The Munchkins were introduced to the public for the first time at the Madison Square Garden in CATS TICA show
in March 1991.They gained their popularity from that point on.
Munchkins are being shown in TICA New Breed & Color Class effective May 1,1995.
Munchkins are a creation of nature - Not Man!

They have short legs because of a spontaneous mutation, which does not hamper their ability to do anything an
average cat is capable of doing. This breed can climb, run, jump and scurry with the best of them. And they are
much cuter at it, a characteristic that does not go away with maturity.
Munchkins love to wrestle and play with their long-legged feline friends, happily unaware that there's anything
different about them. Nor do their feline companions treat them like members of the vertically challenged. Most
Munchkins also adore dogs both large and small.

When it comes to chasing anything, Munchkins actually have a big advantage. Their short legs allow them to
scurry faster and maneuver every corner just like a race car.
They love to sit up on their hind legs (to get a better view?) and are quick to flip over on their backs to beg for a
tummy rub.
Their legs vary in shortness so some are not able to jump as high as other,but they have the will & they always
find a way! Plus their unusually short stature makes the Munchkin a uniquely entertaining breed of cat.

So far they have not found any health problems in this breed as a result of their short stature. They do very well in
the litter when they are born,they hold their own well with their long legged siblings & momma cat does not push
them away because they are different.

While short in stature, Munchkin cats are very big on personality. They have been called the "eternal kitten", a
characteristic that continues all throughout their adulthood.  Friendly and self-assured, Munchkins adapt well to
most situations. These little rug-huggers are quite curious as well, leaving no part of the home or its inhabitants
unexplored and fully investigated.

As well as having sweet natures, Munchkins are affectionate, outgoing and intelligent. They love company,
especially that of children with whom they seem to be especially popular. They are exceptionally playful and get
along well with other cats, dogs and pets. And yes, they are amusing to watch which is a real bonus in anyone's
life. Proficient hunters, Munchkin cats and kittens love a good game of catnip mouse or feather teaser, but when
playtime is over, they want a warm lap to snuggle into and strokes from a loving hand, like any other domestic cat.  

And, of course, there is no end to their cuteness. Just watch one sit up and play with his front paws and you will
fall in love with them right away.

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