Napoleon cat - The Napoleon was developed, by Joe Smith, through the intentional
mating of the Munchkin cat to the Persian cat. They have long, lovely coats & large
beautiful eyes. They gained acceptance to Registration in TICA in February 2005.

Developed in 2002, the Napoleon Cat is a hybrid (a breed developed from a deliberate
cross between two existing breeds) between the Munchkin and the Persian/Exotic including
the Himalayan (Colourpoint) Persian. Longhaired Munchkins already exist, but the
Napoleon combines traits from both breeds into a unique look. It is neither a short-legged
Persian nor a bushy-furred Munchkin. The Napoleon is a short-legged cat with heavy
boning, round head, round eyes and a colourful coat. Its fur can be either long (like the
Persian) or short like the Exotic. Its features are intermediate between the two parent
breeds. A pure Napoleon is 75% Persian/Exotic and 25% Munchkin. It does not have the
snub nose, nor even the nose break above the nose, of the Persian, but at the same time
it doesn't have the wedge-shaped head or walnut-shaped eyes of the Munchkin. As with
other breeds derived from the Munchkin, long-legged variants also occur.

Just try imagining the Munchkin and the Persian mixed together.

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Please, keep in mind that our Napoleon kittens are smaller than the original breed
standard because we create them by breeding
Teacup size Persians to the smaller
Munchkins and Napoleons in order to achieve the smallest kittens possible.
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