Size and Weight Comparison Chart:

Standard Size Females: 11-14 pounds
Standard Size Males: 12-17 pounds

Toy Size Females: 7 - 9 pounds
Toy Size Males: 8 -10 pounds

Teacup Size Females: 3 -6.5 pounds
Teacup Size Males: 3 -7.5 pounds
Teacups are miniature cats that are smaller than a standard cat. Here is
how we distinguish between them.
MiniPers - The MiniPers are Tea Cup & Miniature Persians & Exotics, developed by Cher Simnitt in California,
for those who prefer a smaller baby to hold. The MiniPers are not Achondroplastic-type dwarves, they are
Primordial Dwarves, proportionate in all aspects, just smaller overall than a "regular" Persian or Exotic.

MiniPaws - The MiniPaws are Tea Cup & Miniature Persians & Exotics, developed at My Tea Purdys. The
MiniPaws are a hybrid carrying both the Achondroplastic-type & Primordial-type dwarfism, they are
proportionately small with shortened legs.
Teacup Kittens - The World's Smallest Kitten
By Wendy Pan  
Not all cats advertised as miniature are teacup kittens. Be aware that the standard size female cat will weight
about 11 to 14 pounds. The standard size male cat will weight about 12 to 17 pounds. A teacup size female
cat will weight about 3 to 6.5 pounds and the teacup size male will weight about 3 to 7.5 pounds. This is a
good rule-of-thumb to keep in mind when shopping for a teacup. Some unscrupulous breeders will try to sell
you a cat under ten pounds as a teacup when that weight falls within the normal weight range for a standard
cat. When shopping for a teacup do not be fooled by a breeder that will try to sell you a runt or tell you that
any cat less than ten pounds is a miniature.
Teacup kittens come in a variety of breeds. These cats are bred to be small by inbreeding. The smallest cat
of one breed is mated with the smallest cat of another breed progressively in each generation and with each
mating a miniature or teacup cat is born. The result of this type of breeding results in dwarfism. There are two
forms of dwarfism where teacups and other miniature animals are concerned and they are achondroplastic
where the dominant gene will, through mutation, affect the hormones that control bone growth, and the
primordial which occurs naturally. At this point let's cover the most common breeds of miniature (teacup) cats.
The most popular of the teacup kittens is the combination of Persian and Exotic. The
MiniPer, a combination
of Persians and Exotics was developed in California by Cher Simmitt. The
MiniPers are primordial dwarves
and their bodies are proportionate in every way except that they are smaller than the standard Persian and
Exotic. The
MiniPaws are a hybrid and carry the genes of both the achondroplastic and primordial dwarfism.
They are small in proportion and have shortened legs thus, causing the legs to be somewhat deformed. They
are a good example of the mutation of the dominant gene and its affect on the hormones that control bone
growth. .
Napoleon was developed intentionally by mating a Munchkin with a Persian. They have long coats and
beautiful big eyes much like the
Persian. The Napoleon is the newest of the teacup breeds.
Lambkin was developed by cross breeding a Munchkin with a Selkirk Rex. They are called Lambkin
because of their soft curly coats that resemble the coat of a lamb. Most of the miniature or teacup kittens are
cross breeds of Persians and Exotics and are the most popular and sought after of all of the miniature breeds.
Many people want the teacups because they're cute and resemble kittens. They are easy to hold and carry
and most of them are lap cats. However, be forewarned, they may be kittens when you buy them but like all
other cats they grow up and lose their kittenish ways. They are after all, cats and cats do not stay kittens
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For comparison here is the picture of
our 4.8 pounds Persian Isabella who
has long fluffy coat next to 14 pounds
short haired Mauser Bazilio.
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