Our angels bring pure love, joy and happiness to caring homes
Our Angels
Purring Angels Cattery
Russian Snow Princess Isabella
This angel is Isabella or simply Bella. But I mostly call
her Princess because she just is. I truly believe that she
is the sweetest and most amazingly intelligent cat in the
world. She likes talking softly and clearly. I usually don't
have any problem understanding her. She watches TV
and has her favourite shows. She definitely prefers
cartoons. This girl has the best manners and the
friendliest disposition. She literally never stops purring.
She greets me when I come in and walks me to the door
when I leave. She is curious but so very gentle in her
approach to anything and anyone. She has never
dropped or scratched a thing in her life. She would sniff
and touch things with her paw to investigate but so very
gently and carefully trying not to hurt anything.  The most
precious knick-knacks are safe around her. She is sooo
cute when she sleeps with her tummy up or sits on her
hind legs just like a real lady. She is a love at first sight
for me and anyone else who had ever met her. She is a
teacup at about 5 pounds. She has one green and one
blue eyes.
Teddi Bear Dasha
Dasha is a black smoke Persian. She is a teacup. She
is very friendly and even a little nosy. She needs to
check out every little thing that is happening around
her. Dasha follows me around the room demanding
the attention she deserves. And, of course, she purrs
non stop.