We can ship our kittens anywhere in the US and Canada. We use Continental
Airlines' Safe Animal Shipping Program. The price of shipping a small kitten is $250
which includes the airline fee, the carrier, and the health certificate. Adult shipping
price is usually $300.
Here is my lovely Princess Isabella and her cute and faithful
tag along Angel below.
Bazilio was very fond of Que's cage. He often jumped in
there when it was open and spent hours playing with her
toys. She didn't seem to mind and rather found this
entertaining as pretty much everything is to this bird.
Purring Angels Cattery
These are some pictures of our adorable angels and their friends through the years.
This is Que. She is a red fronted mini macaw. She is a funny bird
that can talk, laugh, whistle  and even meow but unfortunately
often prefers squawking to all of the above. All the kitties
generally beware of her even though they wouldn't mind to chase
her tail while she is not looking.
Black Panther Bazilio
Bazilio is not a part of our breeding program. He was
just my pet.  He is a Mouser and he is fixed.
Bazilio has been adopted a while ago but I keep these
pictures of him and Bella because they show well the
difference in size between the normal size cat and the
Size and Weight Comparison Chart:

Standard Size Females: 11-14 pounds
Standard Size Males: 12-17 pounds

Toy Size Females: 7 - 9 pounds
Toy Size Males: 8 -10 pounds

Teacup Size Females: 3 -6.5 pounds
Teacup Size Males: 3 -7.5 pounds
Teacups are miniature cats that are smaller than a standard cat. Here is how
we distinguish between them.
We use and recommend Royal Canin food for our cats. You can find information
about it here:
In order to hold a kitten for you we require a $300 nonrefundable deposit. This will
reserve your favorite kitten until she is ready to come home with you. I can only
hold a kitten for 3 days without a deposit.
Cat Food
Our detailed requirements and guaranties when purchasing a kitten are listed in our
Kitten Purchase Contract. Please, read it
Our prices vary from $800 to $2500 depending on the breed, type, size, and color of
each kitten. We offer discounts if you are adopting more than one kitten from us.
Occasionally we may offer some kittens and retiring adults at reduced prices.
All kittens are sold as pets only. Breeder quality kittens may occasionally be
offered to a small cageless cattery like us based on our approval. Breeding rights
are $500 extra.
Breeding Rights
Our cattery and all kittens are registered with TICA. www.tica.org
Our cattery is regularly tested and is Feline Leukemia, FIV, and PKD negative and
parasite free.
Photo Album
Silver Angel Claudia
Claudia is a chinchilla silver doll face teacup
Persian. Her fur is soft and silky. Her eyes
are huge and of beautiful aqua color. She is
sweet and shy. She prefers quiet places and
likes to sleep  curled up at my feet.
Curly Angel Lilly
We call her Lilly Pooh. She is so soft and so very
affectionate and loving. She is super playful and fun.
Lilly is a silver colored with cream long hair Selkirk Rex.
Selkirk Rex is a very special and rare breed known for its
amazingly curly coat that makes these kitties look like
little lambs.
Lilly is pretty small for her breed at right under 6 pounds.
Macnificent Bit of Silver aka Mac
Mac is our gentleman. He loves the girls and he is so courteous
and sweet with them that nobody can resist his charms. He is an
experienced daddy and sired many beautiful kittens before he
came to live with us.
He is a long haired silver shaded and white Munchkin. He is very
short and also small for a boy weighing around 6 pounds. His
coat is nice and silky just the way we like it here.
Lucian the Chocolate Bear.
Lucian is a new addition to our cattery. He brings the beautiful
and rare warm chocolate color to our program. He is a Seal Mink.
He has an amazing plush long coat which is dark chocolate on
top and creamy lilac underneath. His eyes are of a pretty aqua
color. Lucian is a very short legged Napoleon. He is the biggest
kitty in our house at around 8 pounds.
Lucias is a Chocolate Mink standard (short legged) Teacup Napoleon. He is Lucian's
and Dasha's son. He is a very sweet mellow boy, friendly & loving with everyone.
Very small too at about 5-6 pounds full grown, plus he is extra short & fluffy. His
adoption price is $700 as pet or $900 with breeding rights.